Automate Your Competitive Advantage
A bespoke suite of intelligent software tools uniquely built to extend your competitive advantage. Empower your workforce with custom software tools designed protect your profit margin.

Software Tools for Business Automation

How It Works

Mobile Apps

Custom Web & Mobile App

It starts with a web or mobile application formed from our refined set of starter applications and molded into a system designed to automate your sales processes.

Tightly Integrated

Integrated into existing systems

Your application will deeply integrate into your business and will be used by customers and employees to decrease friction between initial contact and first sale.

Into your business

With a Robust API and Backend

With your custom application, included cloud hosting provides a scalable and secure solution to combine data from multiple sources, allowing for powerful business insights.


  • Mike Prince [LinkedIn]

    Reenhanced has enabled our business to handle over 300,000 reservations through their work on our unique boat reservation system. We feel well prepared for the future with a well-tested, modern, and up-to-date platform we expect to last for many years.

    Mike Prince, Carefree Boat Club

  • Hank Wells

    The software Reenhanced has built is a pivotal part of our daily workflow. Every employee at Sam Hill Entertainment uses the software they've created as a part of getting things done. With their attention to detail and quality, I feel confident the platform they've created will be a part of my business for years to come.

    Hank Wells, Sam Hill Entertainment

  • John Kolesa

    Reenhanced has brought us to the forefront of motorsports technology. No other racing series, except for those million dollar budgets can compete with the technology of American Endurance Racing.

    John Kolesa, American Endurance Racing

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